1. Global Business Research & Competitive Intelligence

  2. Strategies for Knowledge Economy, Knowledge  Engineering & Management Globally

  3. Emerging Markets Finance (Corporate or Public)

  4. Direct and Portfolio Investments in E-Merging and Emerging Markets

  5. World Trade & Investment Analyses and Forecasts

  6. Corporate Governance and Finance in the Global Knowledge Economy

  7. Bankruptcies, Turnaround Management, and Enterprise Restructuring in Emerging Markets Including the Role of Vulture Funds, Venture Capital, Angel Funds, Debt-For-Equity Swaps, etc.

  8. Privatization and Private Sector Development in Emerging Markets: Strategies and Techniques

  9. Monetary and Fiscal Policies During Transitions to Markets

  10. Comparative Strategies for Policy Reform in Transition and Developing Countries.

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