Some recent SEMI Online work:

  • Knowledge Engineering & Management for Competing in the Global Economy: Practical Aspects;
  • Challenges to Corporate Governance in the Global Knowledge Economy;
  • Transforming Business Models in the Global (Digital) Economy;
  • Russian Securities Industry in Comparative Perspective;
  • Exit for Entry: Enterprise Restructuring Processes in Lithuania;
  • Muddling Through: Enterprise Sector Change in Ukraine;
  • Bankruptcies in Market and Transition Economies: Lessons for Russia;
  • Enterprise Restructuring and Foreign Investment in Transition Economies (With Special Reference to the Baltic States);
  • Western Commercial Bank Strategies for Entering Transition Economies: The Case of Ukraine;
  • Western Commercial Bank Strategies for Entering Transition Economies: The Case of Russia;
  • From Interrepublican to International: The Economics of Feasible Post-Soviet Business;
  • Comparative Monetary Transformations in the Postcommunist Countries;
  • Foreign Investment in Romania: Legal Aspects;
  • Determinants of Foreign Investment in Russia;
  • From Plan to Market and From Moscow to Vilnius: Transformation of the Lithuanian Economy;
  • Joint Ventures in the Transforming East: A Strategy of East-West Learning;
  • The Shifting Competitive Advantage of Former Communist Countries: A Comparative Perspective;
  • Moscow McDonald's: The Changing Political Microeconomy of One Slow Food Restaurant;
  • The Changing Models of Foreign Investment in Eastern Europe;
  • Roadmaps to Markets: Issues in the Theory of the Postcommunist Transformation;
  • Towards the Theory of Postcommunist Privatization: A Case for Enfranchisement and "Creative Destruction";
  • Privatizing the Postcommunist Economies: Roles for Western Capital;
  • Enterprise Governance and Finance in China.

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