Samonis Emerging Markets Institute (SEMI Online) can help you add value in a variety of modes (extending from simple trade to foreign investment, direct or portfolio) contributing to the expansion of your international business in the Global Knowledge Economy and with rapidly growing emerging markets like those of Europe (Single European Market), Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Africa, and others.

We use a whole spectrum of methods leading to the confluence of top-down and bottom-up approaches to international business and technology research as well as related knowledge engineering & management.

Specifically, we can help you research the markets most promising from your company's point of view, identify your marketable products and services, prepare workable marketing or investment plans based on the careful choice of marketing channels and financing techniques (including such innovative approaches as countertrade, debt-for-equity swaps, derivatives, etc) most appropriate from your point of view. We can guide and assist you from the very first steps to the most advanced stages of your cooperation with the new international business partners. Also, we can prepare industry or country analyses or conduct policy studies of different aspects of changes in emerging markets (e.g. opening to the outside world, transitions to markets including privatizations, enterprise restructuring, etc) and e-merging markets (frontiers of technology, knowledge management), and assess the impact of these new business and technology trends on your company, region or country.

At your disposal are impressive and widely tested new frontiers skills and international business development skills of Val Samonis and his global associates working onsite and online. They include but are not limited to:

  • conceptual/analytical abilities and techniques;

  • quantitative methods; data mining skills; knowledge management skills;

  • computer & Internet skills;

  • background and comparative studies;

  • interpersonal & intercultural skills;

  • excellent written and oral communication skills;

  • knowledge of Russian, Chinese, Polish, Lithuanian, German, English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian, Belarus, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Latvian, and other languages;

  • teaching/consulting, project/team management, and international networking skills;

  • business/finance research and development skills;

  • ability to conduct world trade/investment analyses and forecasts;

  • ability to analyze business/finance in emerging and e-merging markets (Global Knowledge Economy);

  • skills applicable to new areas of study, technology and business environments:

  • we can work both independently and in a team setting including with external partners.

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